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KidsIgnite – How I became the father of 20

KidsIgnite – How I became the father of 20

When Achala asked me to help him out with an electronics class for kids, I didn’t know what I was signing up for. It was in June 2016 – I was free procrastinating uni work, and this seemed like a good distraction. I mean, it was kids. Plus electronics. Kids are fun(!). How hard could it get?

But no, oh no. Joining Igniter Space (formerly KidsIgnite) changed quite a few of things in my life, including some life goals. I’ve seen most, if not all, kinds of kids from angels to brats. I’ve had the chance to teach basic calculus & programming, and clean up snot. I’ve cuddled the cutest of kids, and had my hair pulled off with a plier.

Okay, a little background first for the less fortunate of you who haven’t heard about Igniter Space. Essentially, it’s a makerspace – a place where people gather and work on computing or other technological projects. From the outside, you’re forgiven for mistaking it for an electronics class.

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