GSoC 2017 – Week 1

It’s been one hell of a first week.

First, exams got postponed a week because Sri Lanka was hit with the heaviest floods since 2003. The lower part of the country was basically washed off into the sea. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. Exams getting postponed meant I need to cover as much work as I can in this week.

Second, a weird error kept coming up out of nowhere. Some errors, you just gotta erase from your code.

Errors, Errors Everywhere

You know the best part of Java Exceptions? It’s how specific they are. You know the worst part? It’s how specific they are.

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GSoC 2017 – Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements

This is the official blog for my Google Summer of Code 2017 project. I am going to be working for OpenMRS, an open source project that supports healthcare delivery around the world. It feels great to have been awarded this opportunity, thank you @Team OpenMRS! 😁

My project is to work on the Operation theater module, which has been made as part of GSoC 2014. It’s used to schedule surgeries and other operation theater activities in multiple theaters. The module was written for an older OpenMRS version, so my first task is to migrate it to the latest platform.

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