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GSoC 2017 – Week 7

During the 7th week, I got feedback on the mock-ups for pre-theater data collection. Just as I suspected, letting the user simply note data as free text was not the best idea. Although a simple note might be useful in communicating the patient history, it’s not usable for analytical purposes. I mean, a text paragraph …

GSoC 2017 – Week 5

Another week passes and we’re done with the first round of development. In this round we worked to migrate the Operation Theater module to the current platform, and the last week focused on modifying the theater scheduler. We’ve finished modifying it, and the results are mind-boggling. No, seriously, it’s messed up. Right now it schedules …


I am a Computer Science & Engineering student at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I’m an avid reader, and enjoy the occasional personal rant. I love coding things to life. Between the morning alarm and the final yawn, you can find me scrolling through the web reading news on The Verge or some other site. I’m an infoholic – knowing things gets me high.
I have a thing for all things literary/ linguistic, and especially enjoy poetry. Currently learning German, Javascript, C# and C++. Quite okay with Sinhalese, English, Python & Java. Drop me a message at cl dot workplace dot 2 at gmail dot com if you want to get in touch.