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GSoC 2017 – Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements

This post originally appeared in OpenMRS Talk as my final presentation. Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements Mentors: Akshika Wijesundara & Harsha Kumara Code contribution Summary: GitHub There’s a certain pleasure in seeing people make use of your work. That’s one of the main driving forces behind the open source philosophy. It’s deeply satisfying to know …

GSoC 2017 With OpenMRS – Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements

It’s a little hard to think 12 weeks have passed already. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. So goes Google Summer of Code 2017 with OpenMRS. This summer, I worked on the Operation Theater module to bring it up to speed with 2017. The project had 2 main targets. …


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