GSoC 2017 – Week 11

Over the 11th week, I tried to refactor the code to use as many concepts as possible for data collection. I have added required concepts to be loaded via the module activator at module startup. Then I tested adding data to the system with the saved concepts.

We’re now properly using concepts to store theater workflow data with observation groups where necessary. This is a major milestone as this means we’ve effectively standardized the data collection over the long term, enabling people to make use of the gathered data. My mentors provided feedback on the module and discussed the possibility of shipping the module with the next release of the Reference Application 😀

That’s a big deal, but I feel we’re short of that yet.  I’d personally rewrite the scheduling engine completely, as at the moment it’s a mess of one guy’s solution and another guy’s attempt at bringing it to 2017. It works, but with a few quirks here and there – like sometimes it schedules surgeries after the theater open hours. But with the time constraints, this’ll be a task for after the GSoC deadline.

On unit testing side, I wrote test cases for checking availability of initial concepts, adding data with concepts and retrieving them. I plan to document a guide on using the module over the next week. We will also make a video about our work as the final presentation of the project.

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