GSoC 2017 – Week 10

We’re nearly done with all development now. This week I went through CIEL and identified existing concepts that I can use for data collection.

It turns out that the whole set of data collected for past surgery history are available in CIEL. Instead of past procedures, they call it procedure history. There’s a set of concepts to record past surgery details as below.

160714 – Procedure history (Grouping concept)
1651       – Procedure performed
160715 – Procedure date/time
160716 – Procedure comment
160721 – Procedure outcome
163049 – Procedure site

During this week I refactored my code to use these concepts for past surgery data collection. I also added them to the module activator to ensure that they are available in any deployment environment.

Apart from that, I spent some time looking into how unit tests are written for OpenMRS modules. We have less than two weeks left of the coding period, so I plan to finish off development with feedback from the community this week.

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