GSoC 2017 – Week 6

It’s the end of the 6th week and I’m happy to bring some UI to the mix. Up until now we’ve been working with the stuff that was made before. But now it’s time for new enhancements. The first part of it is enhancing the pre-theater workflow.

Along that line, we discussed what data need to be collected before a procedure, last week. I asked the community what they considered necessary, while making my own suggestions. Just as expected, there are already some implementations of data collection of a surgery.

One example was a post-op form used by a Partners In Health member. She provided screenshots of the form which they used to collect data about the procedure after it took place. It included fields to record the surgical team involved, the location of the procedure, anesthetics, complications etc. They were not collecting any data before the procedure, so they used the same form to record pre-operative diagnoses as well.

The PIH lady was kind enough to provide advice on implementing the forms as well. She gave a rough idea on how I might want to configure the provider types with metadata, and may consider adding a separate role such as surgery scheduler to assign the tasks related to theater activities.

Going by the screenshots she provided, and the data I originally proposed to collect, I came up with the following page for pre-theater data collection.


These are more like preliminary sketches, to get the feedback of the community. I’ll finalize them and connect the database next.

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